Mozzaz Support Services

Effective March 1, 2019

The Support Services to be provided by Mozzaz are set forth herein (if applicable).    

1.     Support Services

The following is the list of the Support Services offered at no additional cost to Subscriber:

a)      Processing and resolution of reported Software malfunctions;

b)      Written notification to Subscriber of the general availability of Software updates and/or new releases during the term of the Subscription Agreement period;

c)       Answers to questions on current release Software. Mozzaz will not correct problems with non-current revisions of installed Software if Subscriber has not installed current release Software within three (3) months after the forwarding of the current release notice to Subscriber; and

d)      Telephone consulting services through which Subscriber may ask questions regarding specific problems encountered, or to seek advice on the general use of Mozzaz Subscription Services.

2.     Support Organization

The Support Services offered by Mozzaz will be provided through the Mozzaz Support Center.  Support is provided 24 hours by 7 (seven) days a week. Support can be access through the following methods:

Telephone:   1-801-367-6712


Mozzaz will use reasonable efforts to answer telephone calls from Subscriber within the same business day.When appropriate, the Parties may also communicate with each other via e-mail with regard to Support Services.Mozzaz will use its reasonable efforts to provide substantive responses to e-mails received from Subscriber within the same business day.

3.     Support Standards     

If any of the Subscription Services functionality fails to conform to the specifications set forth in the Documentation, Mozzaz agrees to respond according to the following priority schedule:


4.     Subscriber Responsibilities

Subscriber agrees to be responsible for:

          i.     Designating a single liaison officer who shall be responsible for timely communication with Mozzaz in respect of this Agreement. Subscriber shall promptly notify Mozzaz in writing of any successor or replacement Liaison Officer.

         ii.     The proper licensing, use, maintenance and operation of its hardware, operating systems, and third party software;

       iii.     Maintaining and keeping current commercially available Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software for all of its computer workstations and/or servers that are not managed by Mozzaz and have network access to, or on which are installed, the Subscription Services.  Failure to maintain and keep current such Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software may result in the termination of access to the Subscription Services until acceptable protection is made current. 

       iv.     Implementing and maintaining security policies and procedures consistent with applicable laws and regulations compliant, and in particular with HIPAA regulations. Includes but is not limited to the implementation of industry standard firewall protection for Internet connections and active and current protection against viruses, spyware, and appropriate user security authentication;

         v.     Providing remote access to appropriate hardware and third-party components at the Subscriber’s location(s) for purposes of performing any of Mozzaz’ services or audits under this Agreement;

       vi.     Informing Mozzaz of any legal or regulatory requirements of Subscriber’s business that may affect Mozzaz’ performance of its obligations hereunder.

In order to receive Support Services, Subscriber is expected to perform the following:

a)       Be licensed for the Subscription Services for which Support Services are requested;

b)      Maintain apps at current releases; 

c)       Maintain the operating system and designated equipment at releases supported by the operating system and equipment manufacturer;

d)      Have documentation of reported malfunction available to Mozzaz staff for telephone and/or on-site consulting;

e)      Notify Mozzaz immediately in the event of the Subscription Services problems;

f)        Perform reasonable tests within an agreed upon timetable upon the request of Mozzaz’ Support Staff;

g)       Provide Mozzaz, if requested, with suitable data to investigate Subscriber’s reported questions and problems;

h)      Provide the necessary training to Subscriber’s employees.; and            

i)        Employ technical staff that can provide industry standard network system management.

5.     Exclusions         

Mozzaz reserves the right to exclude from Support Services coverage for any Subscription Service problems that result from the following:

a)       Use of the Software with non-Supported Devices;

b)      Unsupported releases of the Mozzaz apps;

c)       Subscriber’s computing and network environment at Subscriber’s location(s);

d)      Unauthorized modification, operation or misuse of the Subscription Services;

e)      The combination of all or part of the Services with any other product or part not furnished by Mozzaz to Subscriber, except with respect to Mozzaz supported desktop or mobile applications or devices or interfaces;

f)        The gross negligence or willful misconduct of Subscriber or Subscriber’s employees or agents; and

g)       Lack of training of Subscriber’s employees;