Digital Health Solutions for Complex Care

Better Outcomes with Mobile Patient Engagement

Mozzaz delivers mobile solutions for “high-need, high-cost” complex care patients and the care teams that support them.

Personalized, interactive care plans enable patients to engage
in their care and stay connected to care teams for support. 

What is the importance of consumer engagement for value-based arrangements?

Value-Based Reimbursement White Paper

This white paper explores:

  • Changing health and human services value-based reimbursement landscape

  • The link of consumer engagement to value

  • How digital technologies can improve both consumer engagement

  • The value proposition of organizations in the field

In addition, it also features a real-world case study of the consumer engagement/value proposition linkage in action.

One Solution for
Providers, Patients, and Payers




  • Optimize patient levels of care and service

  • Automate data collection for reporting and monitoring

  • Support quality measures and healthcare outcomes



  • Increase levels of individual patient engagement

  • Provide accessible connected care anywhere, anytime

  • Improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction levels



  • Drive health plan performance at reduced costs

  • Support care coordination and collaboration

  • Expand services and access to care across the health plan

Mozzaz is helping our Behavior Therapists save one-full day per week in data collection and entry – that’s extra time they can spend face-to-face with their clients.
— Adam Berr, Director of Business Transformation, Bancroft


Consumer Engagement: Driving The Value in Value-Based Care

Value-based care is having a significant impact on the technological decisions made by health care organizations as they transform their financing and care delivery systems. As such, organizations need to be able to measure the elements of care with the most importance and most value-add capability for consumers. One of the most important strategies organizations should focus on is personalized care engagement.

Register here to learn how to deliver personalized engagement models to drive consumer activation and how you can integrate these models into clinical workflows. Our featured speakers are Linda Lusis, Vice President, and Rini Gahir, CBDO, of the Mozzaz Corporation.

A Study on Addiction Recovery with MAXIMUS in California

New Maximus Case Study PlaceIt

Learn how Mozzaz Digital Health is being used in California’s Diversion Program managed by MAXIMUS: Mobile Addiction Recovery Support for Health Professionals.

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