Learn How Mozzaz Increased Participation In The MAXIMUS Addiction Recovery Program.

Maximus Case Study Place It.png

MAXIMUS was contracted to operate a voluntary program offering comprehensive referral and monitoring services to licensed professionals struggling with substance abuse or mental illness.

In order for the program to be successful, participants had to be in frequent contact with the program staff, drug testing, and attend support groups for at least 2-4 years.

MAXIMUS partnered with Mozzaz to implement its patient engagement solution to keep participants active throughout the program.

Using the Mozzaz mobile solution, the goal was to reduce the relapse rate and increase program participation through:

  • Increasing ease of use and engagement with program participants.
  • Providing the ability for participants to stay connected and access resources at any time.
  • Streamlining scheduling.
  • Reducing the amount of paperwork and telephone calls staff receive.
  • Accessing participant data and feedback in real-time.

  • Download Addiction Recovery Case Study with MAXIMUS in California

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