Digital Health Solutions for Complex Care

Better Outcomes with Mobile Patient Engagement

Mozzaz delivers mobile solutions for “high-need, high-cost” complex care patients and the care teams that support them.

Personalized, interactive care plans enable patients to engage
in their care and stay connected to care teams for support. 

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Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury


Cerebral palsy
Spina Bifida

Mental Health

Depression & anxiety
Eating disorders

Family Services

Foster care
Transitional care
Youth and adolescent support

5% of the complex care population can use up to 50% of the resources.

Substance Abuse

Addiction rehab
Opioid addiction recovery
Treatment and Intervention

Long Term Support Services

Care coordination
Home-care based support
Therapy services

Crisis Support

Suicide prevention
Crisis stabilization
Crisis response


Geriatric Psychiatry
Geriatric assisted living

One Solution for
Providers, Patients, and Payers




  • Optimize patient levels of care and service

  • Automate data collection for reporting and monitoring

  • Support quality measures and healthcare outcomes



  • Increase levels of individual patient engagement

  • Provide accessible connected care anywhere, anytime

  • Improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction levels



  • Drive health plan performance at reduced costs

  • Support care coordination and collaboration

  • Expand services and access to care across the health plan

Mozzaz is helping our Behavior Therapists save one-full day per week in data collection and entry – that’s extra time they can spend face-to-face with their clients.
— Adam Berr, Director of Business Transformation, Bancroft

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Meet “Zero Suicide” Goals
Using Digital Health Technology


In this webinar, Jennifer Armstrong of Centerstone will share how digital health technology supports the Zero Suicide Prevention program using mobile technologies to keep patients engaged while applying a data-driven quality improvement approach.

WHEN: February 27th, 2018 @ 1pm EST

FEATURING: Jennifer Armstrong, VP Customer Engagement Operations, Centerstone

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