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Four mHealth Strategies To Improve Outcomes & Reduce Care Costs

Individuals with chronic or co-occurring illnesses and disabilities such as dementia, Parkinson’s and physical delays have complex care needs. Yet, despite the resources devoted to solving complex care challenges, there is growing evidence that these individuals are still not receiving coordinated care, preventative care, or care in the most appropriate settings. Achieving patient engagement in complex care requires active collaboration in all phases of the care lifecycle, and can be achieved in an affordable and sustainable way.

Outcome-Driven Care Delivery

The State of Tennessee has been spending twice the national average per person for each member with Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) enrolled in programs with TennCare. TennCare is the leading Medicaid provider for the state of Tennessee. Mozzaz was selected to provide a mobile health platform to support a newly developed outcomes-driven care model, Systems of Support (SOS), geared towards care recipients crisis prevention, planning, training and support for paid and unpaid caregivers. 

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Circle of Care

Mozzaz Care App connects everyone from patients to caregivers to providers to manage care for a patient and track results and improvements. Watch our short video to learn more.