Watch How Mozzaz Met "Zero Suicide" Goals With Digital Health Technology

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The United States faces around 44,000 suicide deaths and almost 500,000 suicide attempts every year. Risks of attempts are at the highest just after 30 days from hospital discharge. With these alarming rates in mind, Centerstone set out to create 3 intervention programs in association with the Mozzaz Lifetiles.

Mozzaz has partnered with Centerstone to showcase its technological effects on suicide intervention through its mobile app.

We are joined by speakers Jennifer Armstrong, the Vice President of Customer Engagement Operations from Centerstone. Also joining our webinar today are both Linda Lusis, the Vice President of National Accounts and Co-Founder Rini Gahir from Mozzaz.

The Mozzaz Solution encompasses many programs such as:

  • Substance Use Disorder (SUD).
  • Opioid User Disorder.
  • Foster Care, Disability and Long-Term Care.
  • And much more.
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