Discover How Consumer Engagement Models Enable Value-Based Care

During this webinar, Rini Gahir, Chief Business Development Officer, and Linda Lusis, Vice President of National Accounts at Mozzaz Corporation discussed proven strategies and real-world case studies that showcase how consumer engagement models are enabling value-based care across a spectrum of populations, including intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health, substance use, and foster care. This presentation also provided attendees with an understanding of the importance of:

  • Delivering personalized engagement models that drive consumer activation and usage.
  • Modeling consumer-generated data to develop consumer-reported outcome measurements.
  • Learning how value-based care affects how data is conceptualized, collected, and analyzed.
  • Integrating consumer engagement models into clinical workflows with standard-based data sharing.
  • Implementing data analytics and “smart interventions” to maintain relevant connected-care models that support continuous consumer technology adoption and retention rates.

  • Watch The Driving The Value In Value-Based Care

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    Consumer Engagement: Driving The Value In Value-Based Care