Why Value-Based Arrangements Should Matter To You

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With 5% of the United States population accounting for 50% of total healthcare costs, there has been an increase in momentum from traditional payment models to value based reimbursement contracts. Provider organizations also require a strong technological platform to help support these personalized care plants, all which lowering costs.

A flexible, fully integrated technological plan improves the value of services provided for consumers. Mozzaz aims to enable a better connection between consumers and care teams with a personalized mobile technology solution. With the right platform that continually drives consumer engagement, your organization will be positioned for success with value-based arrangements.

Read our whitepaper to learn about:

  • Changing health and human services value-based reimbursement landscape.
  • The link of consumer engagement to value.
  • How digital technologies can improve both consumer engagement.
  • The value proposition of organizations in the field.
  • In addition, it also features a real-world case study of the consumer engagement and value proposition linkage in action.

    Value-Based Care White Paper

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