Suicide Prevention

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connecting individuals to monitor care for safety and recovery

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. Follow-up services after an attempt are critical to recovery. But there is a 70% ‘no-show’ rate for the first appointment leading to high-rates of follow-on fatal attempts and injury.

Mozzaz solutions for crisis support are used in crisis stabilization, management and across suicide or self-harm prevention programs for at-risk individuals. Mozzaz connects individuals to their crisis support teams providing monitoredcare to ensure an individuals safety and recovery from harm.

care to ensure an individuals safety and recovery from harm. Data analytics measuring an individual’s mood with physical activity (as measured through a wearable device) and social activity can be correlated and monitored for warnings and trigger signs that can lead to proactive care.

Follow-up is an impactful and cost-effective method of suicide prevention. Research shows that follow-up with hotline callers and people recently discharged from an Emergency Department or in patient setting has positive results for both those receiving care and those providing it

More efficient care delivery



Dependence issues

  • Immediate access to follow-up services and care
  • Personalized content and interventions for self-support
  • Connected support to social media, peers and local resources
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  • Maintain connection to patients through secure messaging
  • Deliver interactive and motivational interventions
  • Collect data and information with alert-based monitoring for at-risk behaviors
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Fitbit integration to monitor physical activity and sleep patterns correlated with mood and suicide ideation


Alerts based on PHQ-9 mood scores and suicide ideation scores


Self-help resources and mindfulness resources Links to recommended social media sites and communities


Mozzaz TALK for real-time communication and instant messaging with counsellors


Decrease self-harm incidences

Increase proactive response through trigger analysis

Decrease hospitalizations through preventative care

“Mozzaz helps our counsellors stay in-touch with our clients and be responsive in care when triggers are identified.”

—Jennifer Armstrong, VP Customer Engagement, Centerstone

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