Digital Health Solutions for Complex Care

Why Patient Engagement?

Empower patients with personalized care

Connect everyone involved

Measure and deliver value

Putting Patients First



  • Increase patient touchpoints at reduced costs

  • Collect patient-driven data directly from point-of-care

  • Correlate and analyze patient data across multiple sources automatically


  • Personalized mobile care plans

  • Accessible care through remote care on any device

  • Patient health monitoring through data-driven care


  • Increase levels of care plan adherence that reduce costly episodes

  • Data sharing and unified messaging across patient-centered care teams

  • Reach remote populations through telehealth and remote mobile care services

Mozzaz Works Across Several Complex Care Programs

We have deployed solutions for a wide breadth of complex care populations. Our solutions are secure, scalable, and can integrate with any organizational workflows and protocols. Learn more about each solution below:


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Get Results!

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$1M+ savings SMI Crisis Stabilization Program

$800K savings Suicide Prevention

60% Decrease in crisis episode per member

45% decreased in maladaptive behaviour

“Through real-time data collection we have additional insight into the quality performance of our services and are able to report on their outcomes much more easily and help prevent avoidable episodes.”

—Dr. Tim Goldsmith, CCO, Youth Villages

Built On A Trusted Platform

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