One Solution for
Providers, Patients, and Payers

Complex care is expensive and complicated. Healthcare providers need to optimize care management models to value-based performance, reduce direct care costs, and deliver positive outcomes.




  • Increase patient touchpoints at reduced costs

  • Collect patient-driven data directly from point-of-care

  • Correlate and analyze patient data across multiple sources automatically



  • Personalized mobile care plans

  • Accessible care through remote care on any device

  • Patient health monitoring through data-driven care



  • Increase levels of care plan adherence that reduce costly episodes

  • Data sharing and unified messaging across patient-centered care teams

  • Reach remote populations through telehealth and remote mobile care services

Enterprise Ready Healthcare

Get Started in Days, Not Months

Standardize on a single digital health platform that supports the versatility of your services across patient engagement and digital patient management. Mozzaz is compliant with enterprise security and data governance, running on the Microsoft Cloud environment.

interoperability with healthcare systems
clinical rules and workflows
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secured HIPAA compliant cloud services
portals for provides payers patients
apps individuals and professionals
BI, reporting and predictive analysis

Mozzaz is a secure mobile SaaS solution that can be deployed and integrated with existing health platforms and clinical workflows such as EHR/EMR systems, Population Health and Care Coordination solutions.

Creating and sharing data through reports and dashboards, as well as customizing workflows, is accomplished through a single unified enterprise mobile platform. 

What Sets Us Apart?
Versatility and Speed

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Snap together personalized digital care plans and deliver to any device, anywhere


mobile intervention platform.png


Powerful Mobile Intervention Platform (MIP)

Mozzaz has the most versatile digital care planning modeler with MIP that can digitize different clinical protocols and care pathways fast and easy.

Pre-built digital care libraries enable teams to assemble and model care plans with ease and launch their mobile health solution. Plans can be customized for a wide variety of patient care scenarios, including brain injury, autism, mental health disorders, and family services. Deployments are highly scalable and can easily expand across different programs and geographical boundaries. 


The Perfect Solution for Healthcare Organizations and Health Systems

Microsoft Azure provides a robust foundation of security, privacy, and compliance that’s needed in the healthcare industry.

  • Exclusive FedRamp Compliance

  • Azure helps clients meet their HIPAA compliance needs 

  • Enterprise-Ready Scalability

  • HITRUST CSF Certified


Fast, Easy to Deploy

With Microsoft Azure, healthcare organizations can deploy the Mozzaz solution in days, not months, and integrate with existing infrastructure. 

Security, Privacy, Compliance

Azure helps clients meet the high-level of compliance standards in the healthcare industry (HIPAA, HITRUST, FedRamp).

With Mozzaz, healthcare organizations can feel secure knowing these standards are met.


Azure’s scalabilty means healthcare organizations can securely scale the Mozzaz solution across different complex care populations, programs, and geographical boundaries.


The Results Speak for Themselves

The solution provides immediate value and is very cost effective as it helps us capture data about interventions and health outcomes that we can then use to continue to improve lives.
— Dr. Jana Dreyzehner, Behavioral Health Medical Director of Anthem, Amerigroup Tennessee
Through real-time data collection we have additional insight into the quality performance of our services and are able to report on their outcomes much more easily and help prevent avoidable episodes.
— Dr. Tim Goldsmith, CCO, Youth Villages

How Do We Do It?

The Mozzaz Approach

Mozzaz simplifies complex care by using four proven patient-centered mHealth strategies built to be healthcare enterprise-ready that delivers improved patient health outcomes at reduced results. 



PERSONALIZE patient-centered models of care to ensure that personal care plans are tailored to support unique needs and accessibility. 

CONNECT patients to their care teams with monitored personal health data coordinating across health plans and providers.

MEASURE patient data from care plan interventions and devices for responsive remote care.

OPTIMIZE care management through patient-driven interventions and predictive analytics to support risk assessments and timely preventative care support. 

With the Mozzaz Approach, healthcare organizations can leverage an integrated solution that combines these four strategies supporting personalized patient-engagement with data-driven remote care management connected across care teams and health systems seamlessly. 

Lean how Mozzaz is actively reducing health care costs while delivering quality outcomes.