Rini Gahir

BSc (Honors), MBA, SOA Professional Exams – Actuarial Science & Digital Health Innovation

Co-founder & Chief Business Development Officer + Strategy

Mozzaz Corporation


Rini Gahir is a digital health technologist with a specialty in statistical modeling and actuarial science as it relates to clinical, public and population health. As a co-founder in Mozzaz Corporation, a digital health company focused on complex care solutions, he is helping deliver innovative yet practical data-driven life solutions for individuals with long-term care needs and the programs that support them. Rini has completed an advanced Honors BSc. Degree in Actuarial Science and Applied Mathematics from the University of Western Ontario, and an MBA from the University of Michigan with a specialty focus on Healthcare Management and Innovation. In addition, Rini has completed several Society of Actuaries ASA exams specializing in analytical inference from longitudinal data collected through complex multivariable data-modeling involving probability, risk theory and combinatorial optimization as applied to outcome measurement and personalized intervention models in health and human services.

As the father of a son with autism, Rini’s life experiences, both professional and personal, have inspired him to innovate with digital technology to deliver dynamic models of care as instruments in improving individual health and well-being. Having worked with several national providers, health systems and large managed care plans in behavioral and population health, Rini brings a depth of knowledge and practical expertise in person-centered connected health. With Mozzaz Corporation, Rini is on a mission to help individuals with complex care needs live a life of quality and inclusion in the digital world.

Specialty Areas of Interests:

  • Multi-scale computational modeling in developmental disability and behavioral health research
  • Risk modeling of unanticipated deviation in health care delivery costs in capitation rates and margin contribution
  • Instrumentation of multivariable behavior data measurements and intervention modeling in complex care
  • Analysis of managed care economies of scale and health plan risk correlated to outcome attainment


Rini Gahir | Co-founder & CBDO+Strategy

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