Partner Program Overview: A Digital Transformation


The Mozzaz Digital Health Partner Program has been especially designed for direct service providers to provide an easy and cost-effective approach to “go digital”.  This unique program enhances person-centered care management practices based on advanced digital engagement technologies and strategies. The Mozzaz model utilizes a member’s health plan benefits for Assistive Technology or other reimbursable funding models available through new digital health billing codes. This allows Mozzaz to offer providers a low-cost digital health platform to use in practice without the heavy technology licensing costs or support systems required. Mozzaz has been proven to add new provider revenue streams while saving costs through operational and utilization efficiencies. Together we can bring digital transformation to the world of complex care at a fraction of the cost.

What can you use Mozzaz for?


Mozzaz can be used by ANY provider:

  1. Client Engagement – sending messages, documents, telehealth, digital care plans (ADLs, Meds, Meals)

  2. EVV to meet visit compliance regulations, mileage and visit administration

  3. Digital therapy, tele-therapy and virtual care services (SLPs, OT, PT, PSWs)

  4. Staff scheduling and messaging

Practicing Digital Health helps you:

  1. Reduce missed client visits through secure messaging and scheduled alerts

  2. Increase operational efficiencies through digital documentation, reporting and notes – make more client visits and increase client touchpoints (additional billing)

  3. Improve care coordination and collaboration with the Mozzaz connected care team model – helps in transitions and shift support

  4. Let Mozzaz provide the technical support to maintain a sustainable practice model.

Benefits of the Partner Program


Increase the performance of your programs and services by extending virtual care touchpoints and improved member engagement.


Support your revenue models by replacing  expensive in-person visits with remote virtual services supported by new digital health billing codes


Improve operational efficiencies by automating manual and paper-based processes in documentation and reporting.


Raise your brand and competitive position to win new contracts and strengthen existing ones.


Get free licenses for your other practice areas that may not be covered under digital health benefits. (ask for more details).


Participate in the Mozzaz Annual Partner Appreciation Summit as part of our digital transformation in healthcare movement and in various co-marketing campaigns and activities.

Proudly share your “Mozzaz Digital Health”  certification with payers, state agencies and your members,  establishing credibility and trust.


Qualification Criteria

  • A minimum of 100 active members being  served in LTSS, IDD, HCBS or behavioral health programs.

  • Actively work with the Mozzaz team to help member’s utilize Mozzaz Digital Health services (covered benefits under Assistive Technology or other reimbursable programs).

  • Commit to spending 4 hours of required training which can be done remotely.

Partner Sign-Up

  • Complete the Partner Registration Form

  • Schedule a phone call with the Mozzaz Partner Program team.

  • Once qualified, you will be sent a Partner Kit including dates for demo, training, and system setup.

  • Additional qualification maybe required


Why Mozzaz?

  • Proven digital health partner for complex care with over 50,000 member contracts

  • Authorized Medicaid Assistive Technology provider and a standing member of ATIA

  • Mozzaz Trusted & Secure and named Microsoft’s 2019 Healthcare Partner of the Year


How many people in my organization can get certified? +

Any number of people can get certified. An organization is certified if at least one certified person is a permanent staff member.

I am new to Digital Health and don’t have technology people on staff. How can Mozzaz help? +

The partner will have access to Mozzaz Concierge Services that will answer any questions regarding Digital Health, mobile devices, security, usage and adoption.

I don’t know how to bill for digital services +

The Mozzaz team are digital health specialists and can help you with sourcing funding options. Mozzaz can help you with the application process and provide support in assessing the appropriate CMS or payer billing codes for the services being delivered.

Are you an EHR/EMR and/or a billing system? +

No. Mozzaz is a digital health engagement platform that does not replace your exiting EHR or billing system. We can integrate to your systems through standard interoperability specifications (ie. HL7, FHIR). Mozzaz provides mobile solutions to your clients and the care teams that support them with their personalized care plans for active engagement.

Do we need special IT staff and technology requirements? +

No. Mozzaz is a secure cloud-based mobile technology platform. No special servers or hardware is required other than supported smartphones and tablets. Refer to our Supported Device List for more information. Mozzaz can provide all the “Digital Heavy Lifting” in ensuring your digital program maintains continuity and is sustainable. This addresses the challenge of frequent staff turnover that add risk to a program.