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What is Mozzaz?

Mozzaz helps healthcare organizations measure outcomes and reduce costs in their complex care programs. We do this with mobile, patient engagement solutions that connect patients with care teams, deliver personal, customized care plans, and collect data at the point of care.

What do we mean by “complex care”?

Disabilities, mental health, chronic diseases, and conditions related to aging.

What are the challenges in Complex Care?

5% of US population accounts for 50% of total health care costs Outcomes are difficult to measure

  • Difficult to track quality of life improvement
  • Unable to verify care plan adherence
  • Lack of community integration and personalized care Costs are spiraling out of control
  • High level of acuity
  • Re-admission for complex care is expensive
  • Lack of connected care causes unnecessary procedures

Who Uses the Mozzaz Digital Health Solution?

Our solutions are implemented in many hat deliver complex care services, including:

  • Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • State or Country Providers
  • Psychiatric Hospital Units
  • Long term Care Providers
  • Disability Centers
  • Private Clinical Group Practices
  • Substance Abuse and Addiction Providers
  • Rehab Clinics
“Empathy is an existential priority for a business.”
— Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Satya Nadella's capacity for empathy comes from his son, who was born with severe Cerebral Palsy. It’s a condition that keeps Satya and his wife driving their son to multiple providers to help deliver the care he needs. Care delivery for complex care is challenging, not only for family members, but also for providers, social workers, and others involved in the distribution of care.

One Solution for Providers, Patients, and Payers



Optimize Levels of Service

  • Remotely monitor patients, deliver care, and measure results
  • Automated data collection and reporting for providers to reduce paperwork and increase clinical time


Active Patient Engagement

  • Patient-centric care on any mobile device
  • Connecting individuals with providers and care teams 
  • Integrating wearable(s) and clinical devices


Reduce Costs

  • Enable value-based care with patient-centered care plans
  • Preventative care management to reduce episodic care costs 
  • Improve plan performance through remote care management

The Perfect Solution for Healthcare Organizations

Microsoft Azure provides a robust foundation of security, privacy, and compliance that’s needed in the healthcare industry


Security, Privacy, Compliance

Azure meets high-level of compliance standards in the healthcare industry (HIPAA, HITRUST, FedRamp). With Mozzaz, healthcare organizations can feel secure knowing these standards are met.

  • Exclusive FedRamp Compliance

  • 100% HIPAA Compliant

  • Enterprise-Ready Scalability

  • HITRUST CSF Certification


Azure’s scalabilty means healthcare organizations can securely scale the Mozzaz solution across different complex care populations, programs, and geographical boundaries.

Fast, Easy to Deploy

With Microsoft Azure, healthcare organizations can deploy the Mozzaz solution in days, not months, and integrate with existing infrastructure. 

Mozzaz helps empower our citizens under LTSS programs live the lives they want in their communities. Having the right technology helps us achieve that. We want to be able to measure our performance to know if what we are doing is making a difference in people’s lives.

— Patti Killingsworth, Assistant Comissioner, Chief of LTSS, Tennessee
Mozzaz provides me with instant access to my care. It’s like
‘care-in-my-pocket’. I feel safe and more secure knowing that I’m always being cared for in my recovery.
— Mental Health Patient Community Behavioral Health Services
Mozzaz enables consumers and their care teams...to be very efficient in care planning and delivery resulting in real measurable outcomes. Mozzaz is well positioned to play an important role in moving Delivery Systems from a Fee For Service paradigm to Outcomes.
— Luke Crabtree, CEO Project Transition

Complex Care is Expensive and Complicated


Healthcare providers need to optimize care management models to value-based performance, reduce direct care costs, and deliver positive outcomes.

Better communication can be a key to complex care,  
and harnessing the right mobile technology can help patients, providers, and caregivers navigate a mix of increasingly complex healthcare components.

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Enterprise Healthcare Solution

  • Re-usable evidence-based content
  • Apps for individuals and professionals
  • BI, reporting, and predictive analysis
  • Secured HIPAA compliant cloud
  • Interoperability with healthcare system
  • Clinical rules and workflows
  • Wearables and clinical device integration
  • Portal for providers, payers and patients