Youth Villages Ready to Scale with Mozzaz Digital Health Solution Built on Microsoft Azure Platform

Philadelphia, PA (January 9, 2018) – Mozzaz Corp. is pleased to announce that Youth Villages in Memphis, Tennessee, is expanding its Mozzaz digital health deployment to help former foster youth make a successful transition to adulthood through active, mobile client engagement and connected telehealth services. Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, Mozzaz solutions are used by care management and clinical teams to deliver a trusted, patient-centered solution for responsive and proactive care.

Youth Villages is a national leader in mental and behavioral health services for family and foster care programs. They offer a continuum of evidence- and research-based programs. Leveraging Mozzaz, children, families and young people in Youth Villages’ programs connect remotely with their specialists and care teams, interact with their care plans, and become more engaged in their own progress. Personalized to individuals’ unique needs, the Mozzaz platform sends custom alerts, provides tips for specific interventions, and supports a positive, more connected environment including secure unified messaging through video calls and instant messaging.

“With Mozzaz, we’ve increased the effectiveness of our entire program,” said Dr. Tim Goldsmith, chief clinical officer at Youth Villages “We are now ready to expand our use of Mozzaz, knowing the underlying Microsoft Cloud will provide the scalability and security we need to help tens of thousands of young people and their families across the country.”

Microsoft Azure ensures the most stringent security, data residency, privacy, and compliance needs of the healthcare industry. “Health needs are infinite,” says John Doyle, Director Industry Solutions, Worldwide Health Industry at Microsoft Corporation. “It’s impressive to see unique digital health partners like Mozzaz offer engaging technology leveraging secure and scalable services through the Microsoft Cloud platform to enable digital transformation across a wide spectrum of complex care.”

"Azure allows us to offer the most secure yet flexible infrastructure platform for our patient-centric mobile solution for complex care programs,” says Sammy Wahab, CEO, Mozzaz. “Our customers include payers, MCOs and providers. They demand the highest level of security, which can scale to enable thousands of connected devices, interventions and telehealth engagement simultaneously. Microsoft Azure is a cost-effective solution for partners like Mozzaz that does not compromise on performance, scalability or availability.”

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Rini Gahir, Chief Business Development Officer, Mozzaz
T: (215) 325-1802

About Mozzaz

Mozzaz provides a versatile mobile health platform that facilitates the delivery of personalized interventions and unified messaging to support cross-functional care across a wide spectrum of needs including behavioral health, intellectual and developmental disabilities, foster care services and substance abuse programs. For more information, please visit

About Youth Villages

Youth Villages is a national leader in children’s mental and behavioral health bringing help and hope to more than 25,000 children, families and young people across the United States this year. The organization offers a continuum of evidence- and research-based programs, including residential treatment, foster care, adoption, crisis services and its two national models: YVIntercept, which offers intensive in-home services, and YVLifeSetTM, which gives former foster and transition-age youth a good start on successful adulthood. For more information, visit