Open Minds Technology Institute Presentations

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Mozzaz will be presenting on consumer engagement best practices and also host a panel session discussion on value-based care supported through consumer-centered digital health at the Open Minds Technology Institute in Philadelphia Oct 22-23.

Consumer Engagement for Complex Care - Real World Case Studies

Consumer engagement is a strategy that has a direct impact on all three legs of the “Triple Aim” transformation. Adopting consumer engagement strategies requires organizations to implement innovative technologies, which are increasingly permeating every aspect of our lives including personalized health care. Research has shown that active consumer healthcare engagement results in improved care experiences and outcomes, especially across two-way engagement strategies. Integrating consumer engagement has now become a key priority for progressive organizations operating in this era of value-based care. 

Consumer engagement strategies and models differ across complex care programs, such as intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), long-term supports and services (LTSS), and behavioral health, requiring organizations to utilize a more holistic approach to care. This approach not only includes personalized care plans, but also connectivity across the care team and the integration of technologies such as clinical devices and wearables to improve accessibility.

During this presentation, Mozzaz will uncover best practices in consumer engagement and techniques for adopting consumer engagement technologies. Attendees will also hear firsthand accounts of real-world case studies from the complex care providers utilizing these best practices and innovative technologies. 

Driving the Value in Value-Based Care

Value-based care trends are having a significant impact on the technology decisions made by healthcare organizations to support transformations in care delivery. As part of this transformation in care delivery, organizations need to measure the elements of care with most importance and most value-add capability for consumers. It has become crucial for organizations moving to value-based care to understand the strategies centered on personalized care engagement. Consumer engagement, coupled with digital outreach and a positive experience through innovative technology, enables the utilization of data-driven models making unraveling the complexities of measuring value and assessing risk possible.

In this session, Mozzaz along with our partners, MAXIMUS, Project Transition, Bancroft and Robin's Nest, will discuss proven strategies and real-world case studies that to showcase how consumer engagement models are enabling value-based care across a spectrum of populations, including intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health, substance use, and foster care. This session will provide attendees with an understanding of the importance of:

  • Delivering personalized engagement models that drive consumer activation and usage

  • Modeling consumer-generated data to develop consumer-reported outcome measurements Learning how value-based care affects how data is conceptualized, collected, and analyzed

  • Integrating consumer engagement models into clinical workflows with standards-based data sharing

  • Implementing data analytics and “smart interventions” to maintain relevant, connected-care models that support continuous consumer technology adoption and retention rates

Please join us for our panel discussion!

Event: Open Minds Technology Institute Presentations
When: October 22nd - 23rd
Where: Loews Philadelphia Hotel, 1200 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

We look forward to meeting you.