Mozzaz Extends Digital Health Platform with Secure Telehealth Unified Messaging Solution

Philadelphia, PA (November 7th, 2017) – Mozzaz Corp. is pleased to announce the launch of a unique unified messaging system that lets health care professionals connect patients with care teams in both real-time through the messaging platform and offline with personalized mobile interventions and self-care.

The new system enables care providers to seamlessly monitor and deliver care using multi-channel HIPAA compliant communications (instant messaging, audio calls, video calls) through a comprehensive mobile health solution.

"An integrated telehealth solution delivered through Mozzaz will definitely increase our levels of engagement, and drive new ways to stay connected with our youth and families,” explained Dr. Tim Goldsmith, Chief Clinical Officer at Youth Villages. “It’s amazing to see how the youth today prefer to communicate through instant messaging over in-person appointments or phone calls. Mozzaz can now provide added safety and privacy where our staff won’t have to share their cell phone numbers with their clients to communicate through instant messages and chat apps. This is a big plus and a game changer for Youth Villages.”

With increases in Medicare payments for telehealth services, and the telehealth private payer laws enabling states to deploy at-home, non-face-to-face care models, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) estimates that 61% of healthcare institutions are using some form of telehealth services, with adoption projected to grow.

"States are rolling out or modifying their laws to better define regulatory frameworks, specifically affecting remote delivery of care,” said Rini Gahir, Chief Business Development Officer, Mozzaz. “Almost every state has made substantial legal changes to how telehealth is delivered, especially in the areas of behavioral health services and chronic case management. Mozzaz now offers a versatile platform for digital health, from personalized mobile care plans to real-time instant communication with patients and care teams."

Mozzaz unified messaging is integrated into the Mozzaz platform to deliver an advanced complex care patient engagement and monitoring solution with other core components, including EMR/EHR interoperability, wearable and device integration, assistive technology, electronic visit verification, data analytics, and a workflow engine. It keeps professional patient messages separate from other e-mail and text messages, ensuring a more efficient and secure care environment.

Mozzaz apps are available for Windows, Android™ and Apple® iOS devices, and contain built-in security for organizations that have a “bring-your-own-device” policy that is enterprise healthcare-ready.

About Mozzaz

Mozzaz provides a versatile digital health platform for specialty health care providers, managed care organizations, and government and payer organizations in the US and Canada.

Its platform facilitates the delivery of personalized interventions and care plans to support cross-functional care across a wide spectrum of needs, including behavioral health, intellectual and developmental disabilities, foster care services, and substance abuse programs.

Mozzaz is a secure, interoperable solution which enables real-time data collection through
interactive and personalized patient engagement with access to care on any device from anywhere.


Rini Gahir, Chief Business Development Officer, Mozzaz
T: (215) 325-1802