Register Now: Consumer Engagement in Value-Based Care Webinar

Join the Mozzaz team as they share digital health strategies and case studies that discuss consumer engagement in value-based care models in their upcoming webinar.

Value-based care is having a significant impact on the technology decisions made by health care organizations as they transform their financing and care delivery systems. As part of this transformation, organizations need to measure the elements of care with the most importance and most value-add capability for consumers.

One of the most important strategies organizations should focus on is personalized care engagement. Consumer engagement, coupled with digital outreach and a positive experience through innovative technology, enables the utilization of data-driven models, making unraveling the complexities of measuring value and assessing risk possible.

Here’s what you can expect:

This presentation will provide attendees with an understanding of the importance of:

  • Delivering personalized engagement models that drive consumer activation and usage

  • Modelling consumer-generated data to develop consumer-reported outcome measurements

  • Learning how value-based care affects how data is conceptualized, collected, and analyzed

  • Integrating consumer engagement models into clinical workflows with standard-based data sharing

  • Implementing data analytics and “smart interventions” to maintain relevant connected-care models that support continuous consumer technology adoption and retention rates

Join featured speakers, Linda Lusis, Vice President, National Accounts and Rini Gahir, CBDO of the Mozzaz Corporation as they further delve into value-based care in the health care industry.

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