How Do We Do It?

The Mozzaz Approach

Mozzaz simplifies complex care by using four proven patient-centered mHealth strategies built to be healthcare enterprise-ready that delivers improved patient health outcomes at reduced results. 



PERSONALIZE patient-centered models of care to ensure that personal care plans are tailored to support unique needs and accessibility. 

CONNECT patients to their care teams with monitored personal health data coordinating across health plans and providers.

MEASURE patient data from care plan interventions and devices for responsive remote care.

OPTIMIZE care management through patient-driven interventions and predictive analytics to support risk assessments and timely preventative care support. 

With the Mozzaz Approach, healthcare organizations can leverage an integrated solution that combines these four strategies supporting personalized patient-engagement with data-driven remote care management connected across care teams and health systems seamlessly. 

Lean how Mozzaz is actively reducing health care costs while delivering quality outcomes.