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What Do We Do?

True patient engagement and empowerment that helps connect patients to their care teams with virtual care monitoring and support | Watch the video below to learn more


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Flexible, Adaptable & Versatile

Mozzaz Adaptive Intervention Modeler (AIM™ ) technology allows healthcare organizations to create and manage interactive patient engagement models personalized for individual care. The Mozzaz solution offers organizations a single platform that can “digitize” patient engagement across any program or service and help organizations enhance treatment, recovery and ongoing support.

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Mozzaz Works Across Several
Complex Care Programs

Explore our solutions for more information about how we support multiple complex care programs

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Personalized mental health care plans and interventions to support stable recovery


Digital solutions to support independence, inclusion and quality of life


Personalized addiction recovery solution with self-help tools, urge trackers & alerts


Personalized opioid addiction recovery treatment plan with self-help tools, MAT support and care team coaching


Digital solutions to support patient education/ engagement in long-term care management of chronic illnesses


Personalized digital care-plans promoting self-empowerment and independence through “always connected” virtual care


Ensuring successful surgical procedures with active patient engagement


Strengthen family support systems to dramatically improve long-term success


Supporting successful transition to post-acute care and discharge programs

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 Integrated Tools

To Support Digital Health Solutions For Complex Care



Secure and scalable integration platform


Data collection for personalized behaviour therapy and analysis

Digital remote patient monitoring

Digital remote patient monitoring

Digital solutions to support, outreach, follow-up, and post-discharge programs

Digital solutions to support, outreach, follow-up, and post-discharge programs

Personalized and adaptable digital augmentative and alternate communication

Personalized and adaptable digital augmentative and alternate communication

Secure electronic visit verification with built in intelligence and alerts

Secure electronic visit verification with built in intelligence and alerts

Customizable workflows

Customizable workflows to automate care delivery

A secure telehealth solution with maximum flexibilty

A secure telehealth solution with maximum flexibility

Support for clinical documentation needs

Secure support for clinical documentation needs


Powerful healthcare analytics and data intelligence


Snackable Session | Sam Robinson

National Director | U.S. Health Plan Industry for Microsoft Health and Life Sciences

In this session, Mozzaz demonstrates the benefits realized by both payers and providers across a myriad of programs including Intellectual / Development Disabilities (I/DD) such as Autism, ALS, mental health, dementia, addictions, opioids management and recovery, Foster Care and Long-Term Services & Support (LTSS).

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Snackable Session | Gareth Hall

We introduced ourselves to Microsoft on March 28 with Gareth Hall, Sr. Director, Worldwide Health. If you missed that webinar, view the on-demand version for an overview of how Mozzaz supports Microsoft’s vision of transforming healthcare with a patient-centric approach.

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Senior Director | Microsoft World Wide Health Solutions


Discover how we are improving complex care alongside our clients

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White Papers | The Importance of Consumer Engagement For Value-Based Arrangements

This white paper explores changing health/human services value-based reimbursement landscape, the link of consumer engagement to value, how digital technologies can improve both consumer engagement, the value proposition of organizations in the field and also features a real-world case study of the consumer engagement/value proposition linkage in action.



Case Study | MAXIMUS Addiction Recovery Program

Learn how the continued success of California’s diversion program, administered by MAXIMUS and combined with the robust Mozzaz mobile platform, offers an effective model for protecting public health and safety, treating addiction and helping recovering individuals to return safely to productive lives.

White Papers | Four mHealth Strategies To Improve Outcomes & Reduce Care Costs

Care teams must coordinate between various specialists for their co-morbid patients, some of whom can consume disproportionate amount of medical resources without maintaining continuity between their care providers. Learn how you can engage patients with 4 mHealth strategies backed by unified and personalized data.


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