Who Does Mozzaz Help?

Payers, patients, and providers of complex care all face their own unique challenges when it comes to delivering services and improving health outcomes.

Mozzaz works with each of these groups to personalize care, streamline communication, encourage accountability and transparency through data collection, and improve health outcomes for true patient-centric care.


Mozzaz - Payer.png


Reducing Complex Care Costs

The HIPAA compliant Mozzaz solution provides compliancy and outcomes reporting making reduced costs via coordinated care and data-driven value-based care possible for payers. 

Mozzaz for Individuals


Improving the Quality of Life

Patients receive true patient-centric care through personalized care plans and interactive interventions that keep individuals safe. Mozzaz also improves communication with the care team and integrates with hundreds of clinical devices and wearables with ease. 



Closing the Clinical Loop

Healthcare providers can deliver personalized interventions and monitor care compliance through real-time data collections. The versatile reporting reduces clinical time, provides insights for better health outcomes, and improves mobile care delivery.