Our Story


Hello, We are Mozzaz

[Pronounced “MOH~ZAZZ”]

Mozzaz is on an exciting journey in delivering an innovative technology solution for behavioral health services that is helping patients, providers and payers benefit from better care service delivery and positive health outcomes.

About Us

Driven by the founding team’s personal motivation in delivering a better model of care for complex needs and long-term support, they embarked on a mission to make Mozzaz an accessible solution for those with the most challenging of needs.

Having built award winning products and successful technology companies, the founders and management are now utilizing its collective experience in solving the complex challenges of Behavioral healthcare. Our passionate team of professionals and trained experts will guide you in selecting and implementing the right solution for your organization.

Through personalized treatment and interventions that can be monitored in real time, care coordinators and program managers can ensure individuals are safe and receiving the right level of support in a cost-efficient way with measurable outcomes.

Our solutions are implemented in many organizations and care settings that deliver Behavioral Health services including:

  • Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • State or County Providers
  • Psychiatric Hospital Units
  • Long Term Care Providers
  • Disability Centers
  • Private Clinical Group Practices 
  • Substance Abuse & Addiction Providers
  • Rehab Clinics
The Mozzaz solution has the potential to change lives in a very positive and dramatic way. Right from the start, we felt confident in our decision; the training was wonderful! I am so excited to be allowed the opportunity to provide the Mozzaz solution for our clientele.

—Donna Horton, Director of Client Services

Mississippi Adolescent Center