One Solution
For Payers, Providers, and Patients

Reducing complex care costs, saving clinical time, and improving health outcomes.

The Mozzaz Solution is a single platform that serves the entire spectrum of complex care populations such as Autism, Suicide Prevention, and Substance Abuse.  This simple, HIPAA compliant solution can be integrated into existing EHR systems in just days.

Learn how Mozzaz is being used to simplify complex care for payers, providers, and patients.


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Learn how Healthcare Payers are using Mozzaz to reduce complex care costs

Mozzaz for Individuals


See how patients are regaining independence and improving their quality of life with Mozzaz



Discover how healthcare providers are using Mozzaz to reduce clinical time 

How Do We Do It?

The Mozzaz Approach

Mozzaz simplifies complex care by using four proven mHealth strategies in combination with the enterprise-ready Mozzaz platform to reduce costs and clinical time while improving patient health outcomes.



PERSONALIZE the models of care to ensure that each consumer’s personal care plan is able to accompany him/her, and be accessible to anyone who may need it.

CONNECT valuable, person-centric information in real time to the consumer’s family and caregivers, providers, and payers.

MEASURE from multiple data sources to create a complete picture of the consumer and their care needs.

OPTIMIZE by predicting the consumer’s risk or need for intervention based on an accurate assessment made through fully integrated information.

With the Mozzaz Approach, organizations can leverage an integrated solution that combines these four strategies, provides true whole-person care, and works seamlessly with every system the consumer may encounter.

Learn how Mozzaz is actively reducing health care costs and clinical time.

Mobile Intervention Platform


Snap together personalized care plans and deliver it on any device, anywhere

The power of Mozzaz is in its Mobile Intervention Platform (MIP™). It allows care teams to snap together digital interventions and content quickly.

Pre-built digital care libraries enable teams to assemble and model care plans with ease and launch their mHealth solution.


    The pre-built care plans can be customized for a wide variety of patient care scenarios, including:

    Brain Injury

    Traumatic brain injury


    Cerebral palsy
    Spina Bifida

    Family Services

    Foster care
    Transitional care
    Youth and adolescent support

    Mental Health

    Depression & anxiety
    Eating disorders

    Substance Abuse

    Addiction rehab
    Opioid addiction recovery
    Treatment and Intervention

    Long Term Support Services

    Care coordination
    Home-care based support
    Therapy services

    Crisis Support

    Suicide prevention
    Crisis stabilization
    Crisis response


    Geriatric Psychiatry
    Geriatric assisted living


    Enterprise Ready Healthcare

    Get Started in Days, Not Months

    Standardize on a single digital health platform that supports the versatility of your services across patient engagement and digital patient management. Mozzaz is compliant with enterprise security and data governance, running on the Microsoft Cloud environment.

    This SaaS solution can be deployed and integrated with existing systems such as EHR, Population Health and Care Coordination systems. Creating and sharing reports and dashboards, as well as customizing workflows, is accomplished in a single unified enterprise mobile platform.

    Who We Work With

    Mozzaz is proud to be working alongside some of the largest healthcare providers in North America to improve the quality of life for patients of complex care. 



    Mozzaz provides licensing programs to payers, providers and clinical teams based on a patient subscription model.

    Subscription plans start at $10 per month per patient with volume discounts available.