How Do We Do It?

Data from individuals, care teams, wearables, clinical and mobile devices provides a holistic picture of both physical and behavioral health – data that can be used by the provider to refine care plans and demonstrate outcomes and compliancy.

Predictive analytics can help to identify and prevent avoidable episodes that could result in costly hospitalization and interventions.

Personalization of care and interventions is the foundation of complex care delivery.

Complex care patients require varying levels of care across many providers that require data-driven coordination and connectivity.Making care accessible and personal to an individual’s treatment plan while connected to their care teams ensures proactive care and support. 

The Mozzaz Approach

Mozzaz simplifies complex care by using four proven mHealth strategies in combination with the enterprise-ready Mozzaz platform to reduce costs and clinical time.



PERSONALIZE the models of care to ensure that each consumer’s personal care plan is able to accompany him/her, and be accessible to anyone who may need it.

CONNECT valuable, person-centric information in real time to the consumer’s family and caregivers, providers, and payers.

MEASURE from multiple data sources to create a complete picture of the consumer and their care needs.

OPTIMIZE by predicting the consumer’s risk or need for intervention based on an accurate assessment made through fully integrated information.

With the Mozzaz Approach, organizations can leverage an integrated solution that combines these four strategies, provides true whole-person care, and works seamlessly with every system the consumer may encounter.

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