Simplifying Digital Health for
Complex Care

Mozzaz makes it easy for organizations to launch digital health solutions quickly, with maximum versatility required for complex care programs. Personalized care plans can be easily modeled and delivered through one secured SaaS-based mobile platform with
real-time connectivity.  

Watch now to learn how Mozzaz simplifies digital health for complex care by reducing costs for payers, enhancing communication for providers, and improving quality of life for each patient.

The Complex Care Challenge

Defining and organizing consumers to best target and deliver care is a rapidly growing challenge as their needs become more complex. 

As many individuals are challenged with a multitude of health and wellness conditions, they can easily be under-informed, overwhelmed, and/or confused. 

Better communication can be a key to complex care, and harnessing the right mobile technology can help patients, providers, and caregivers navigate a mix of increasingly complex health care components, from conditions and experiences to medications and services.

Complex Care with Mozzaz

Webinar of the Month:

5 mHealth Strategies for Improving Care and Reducing Costs with

Join Rini Gahir, Chief Business Development Officer of Mozzaz Corporation and Jennifer J. Armstrong, LPC-MHSP, Director of Crisis Care Services at Centerstone for a 90 minute webinar where you will: 

  • Learn the 5 key mHealth strategies to meet the challenge of complex care head-on
  • Understand how complex care and super-utilizers shape the need for an integrated data system
  • Identify the key sources of disparate data, and how they contribute to complex care
  • Hear a case study on how Centerstone is successfully using mHealth technology to improve care and reduce health care costs for suicide prevention

Who Does Mozzaz Help?

Payers, patients, and providers of complex care all face their own unique challenges when it comes to delivering services and improving health outcomes.

Mozzaz works with each of these groups to personalize care, streamline communication, encourage accountability and transparency through data collection, and improve health outcomes for true patient-centric care.


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Reducing Complex Care Costs

The HIPAA compliant Mozzaz solution provides compliancy and outcomes reporting making reduced costs via coordinated care and data-driven value-based care possible for payers. 

Mozzaz for Individuals


Improving the Quality of Life

Patients receive true patient-centric care through personalized care plans and interactive interventions that keep individuals safe. Mozzaz also improves communication with the care team and integrates with hundreds of clinical devices and wearables with ease. 



Closing the Clinical Loop

Healthcare providers can deliver personalized interventions and monitor care compliance through real-time data collections. The versatile reporting reduces clinical time, provides insights for better health outcomes, and improves mobile care delivery. 

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We put patients at the center of their care, enabling payers, providers and caregivers to deliver positive health outcomes with savings in direct care costs.

Featured Whitepaper:

4 mHealth Strategies for Improving Care and Reducing Costs


Consumers are living longer and with more health conditions than in previous generations.

Technology and medical advancements may improve consumer health care outcomes, but attempting to define and organize consumers to best target and deliver care is a rapidly growing challenge as their needs become more complex.

What are the effective mHealth strategies to improve consumer outcomes and reduce healthcare costs?

Find the answers to this question and more in our latest educational whitepaper.