Simplifying Digital Health for
Complex Care

With the Mozzaz Mobile Health Platform


Complex care costs are rising as consumers live longer with more health conditions than in previous generations.

Customizable digital health platforms provide one solution for payers, providers, and patients to achieve better health outcomes.

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We put patients at the center of their care, enabling payers, providers and caregivers to deliver positive health outcomes with savings in direct care costs.

The Complex Care Challenge

Improving Cost-Effective Complex Care

Harnessing mobile technology helps patients, providers, and caregivers to deliver affordable care to patients with co-morbid conditions through a unified circle of care that reduces costs.

Complex Care with Mozzaz

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Super-utilizers are the 5% of the population who can utilize as much as 50% of healthcare resources.

Who Does Mozzaz Help?

Payers, patients, and providers of complex care all face unique challenges in delivering services and improving health outcomes.

Mozzaz works with each of these groups to personalize care, streamline communication, facilitate transparency, and improve health outcomes for true patient-centric care.


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Reduce Care Costs

Payers can reduce costs and deliver value-based care with HIPAA-compliant reporting.

Mozzaz for Individuals


Improve Quality of Life

Patients receive better care through personalized plans, interventions, and integration with wearable technology.



Reduce Clinical Time

Providers can reduce clinical time and deliver personalized interventions with data.

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