1 in 5 individuals

have behavioral health conditions

1 in 5

—Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)


Care for individuals with complex care needs is expensive and difficult, and care must be coordinated. Information needs to be shared, and data tracked across a large and distributed team of caregivers, healthcare providers and care settings.

The Mozzaz platform provides the solution to this complex care challenge by connecting an individual's circle of care, monitoring and sharing their healthcare plan and information, and providing interventions when necessary, encouraging preventative healthcare.

Closing the Clinical Loop

Mozzaz leverages technology in a meaningful way to close the gap between caregivers, healthcare professionals, and the individuals they help.

Our mobile solution connects caregivers across each patient's complex care delivery system, while fully syncing with any EHR database for complete accessibility and transparency. Mozzaz helps caregivers provide industry-leading unified care plans by providing real-time access to each patient's ongoing treatment.

The Mozzaz Solution puts individuals at the centre of their healthcare plan, allowing caregivers to provide the most effective care plan possible.

Mozzaz for Individuals
Mozzaz for Professionals

For Patients

Improving the Quality of Life

Personalized and interactive interventions to help keep individuals safe, supported and connected to their care teams at all times


For Healthcare Professionals

Closing the Clinical Loop

Healthcare providers can deliver personalized interventions and monitor care compliance through real-time data collections.

We put patients at the center of their care, enabling payers, providers and caregivers to deliver positive health outcomes with savings in direct care costs.