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Mozzaz enables true patient-centric care by allowing individuals to actively participate in their care and stay connected to their care teams between appointments through their mobile devices.

Patients also have the ability to enter scheduled self-assessment forms and access reminders for medications directly into the app, which is seamlessly integrated into the patient’s EMR for efficiency.



Mozzaz allows caretakers and families to provide the best possible care for the individual.

It connects them with the individual's team of professionals through the mobile device and allows them to communicate regarding a healthcare client, monitor progress, and access care plans, monitor plans and change remotely.   

Mozzaz also offers peace of mind and true visibility into the care plan by monitoring behavioral changes and flagging them when necessary.


Healthcare Professionals

Mozzaz enables care provider organizations to connect individuals and healthcare professionals to deliver consistent treatment planning, transparent communication, and the ability to monitor the progress of each individual.

It augments Mozzaz’ TalkingTiles app and Mozzaz Care solution by seamlessly integrating with Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems to close the clinical loop.

The mobile solutions can also reduce stress for healthcare professionals themselves by streamlining communication with the patients and giving them a better understanding of their healthcare plan and lifestyle.


Payers / Insurers

The cost of complex care is rising rapidly, and new technologies like Mozzaz can help deliver patient-centric care at a reasonable cost.

By monitoring and alerting caregivers and healthcare professionals of behavioral changes, the mobile solution is able to assist with preventing negative scenarios which could potentially end in a hospital visit. 

Mozzaz not only encourages preventitive healthcare, but it also collects detailed data on the individual's healthcare plan and their adherence to that plan for complete transparency and accountability.