Mozzaz Care

Mozzaz Care is an app that delivers personalized support for individuals with complex care needs as part of their daily living and therapy programs. This support can be in the form of activities with reminders, video or audio lessons, self-assessment forms and text to speech voice output. Mozzaz Care can also be used by professionals for patient assessments, observations, service recordings and progress notes through their mobile device.


Lifetiles is an app that helps patients manage their self-care, therapy and daily support needs as part of their personal treatment plans. Through this app healthcare providers can deliver personalized interventions and self-help content based on a patient's care plan, keeping them active and engaged in treatment. Real-time messaging and data collection helps care providers monitor patient activity for progress tracking, care plan compliance and safety.

NOTE: Lifetiles is currently only available on iOS, with a release for Android currently slated for the end of 2016.


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